• A Day in the Life: With vs. Without a Second Screen

    Posted on February 20 2019

    A second screen is one of those things that you can convince yourself you don't need. Like air conditioning or vegetables, you can pretend like you could do without, but...

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  • Benefits of Using a Second Screen

    Posted on February 14 2019

    Office workers, students, and "digital nomads" are always looking for the next best thing to increase productivity. While apps and cool gadgets certainly do help, the simplest solution is inexpensive, requires no...

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  • 6 Productivity Apps to Download Right Now

    Posted on February 05 2019

    I'll be honest, I can't imagine a world without apps. Having a smartphone and laptop isn't enough: I need software that will streamline my day and make my devices as...

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  • Improve Your Morning Productivity with this Simple Life Hack

    Posted on January 30 2019

    Despite best efforts, mornings can be difficult. Unless you're one of those lucky people who just naturally loves to be up early, those first waking moments are a losing battle. It...

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  • Using the Seinfeld Method

    Posted on January 23 2019

    Welcome back to SideTrak's series of Productivity Case Studies. This is the series where we give an overview of several popular productivity techniques to help you find what works best...

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  • Using the Pomodoro Technique

    Posted on January 16 2019

    There's not one magic productivity technique that's guaranteed to work for every single person. That said, there are noted methods that have a proven success record for many. In the...

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