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Elevating the Learning Experience: Why Students Need a Second Screen for Hybrid Learning

One of the biggest challenges of hybrid learning is the lack of a proper workspace. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of using portable monitors as second screens to improve student learning.

Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

An ever-increasing number of schools are issuing mobile devices to students so that they can connect to the internet and better access learning materials.

Time Management Tips & Strategies

The key to productivity, the big secret, is effective time management. Time management is the conscious structuring of your time...

How to Be Productive

Some days I want a productivity award just for making it in and out of the shower emotionally intact. 2020...

Using the Seinfeld Method

In search of finding ways to be productive, the Seinfeld Method is a great productivity tool that can help you...

The Pomodoro Technique

There's not one magic productivity technique that's guaranteed to work for every single person. That said, there are noted methods...