Coronavirus Forcing Work From Home and Harming Productivity

For some time now companies have slowly moved towards work from home policies to reduce overhead expenses by reducing the need for on-site workers. But now with more than 1,015 confirmed cases and counting of coronavirus in the United States, the outbreak has forced companies to implement their work from home policies faster than intended and they are taking the opportunity to test it at scale.

Not only have large corporations like Microsoft, Apple and Facebook restricted air travel by their employees, they are also now having them work from home for a yet undetermined period of time. Small and medium-sized businesses are recommending these changes as well. 


Man working from home and using SideTrak to help with productivity


While some employees find working from home to be an inconvenience, many more welcome the opportunity, with it having been on their wish list for quite some time. Armed with a laptop and cell phone, they are now poised at their kitchen table and ready to work, pledging to maintain their normal productivity.

But there are some disadvantages to working from home. In addition to the distractions coming from piles of laundry, the television, kids, or pets, many people find that they have one major piece of technology missing: the second monitor.

There are very few people working in offices nowadays that don’t utilize a second monitor. They have become a necessity for the majority of American office workers, helping them increase productivity by 20-30%. They can’t imagine working without two screens. So when they are sent home with just their laptop, they find themselves bewildered as to how they’re going to survive with only one screen.


SideTrak Attachable and Portable Monitor


The productivity solution

There's a solution to this productivity hindrance. Portable monitors. Working on two screens helps increase productivity and efficiency and having an easy to set up monitor you can take anywhere is a great fix for all employees who have found themselves without the proper workstation. SideTrak is helping scores of people successfully work remotely by bringing their work productivity home.


Benefits of using a second screen


Why does SideTrak make a difference to so many people working away from their offices? There are a number of reasons: 

    • Productivity: Remote workers may stumble upon the hurdle of maintaining the same level of productivity as they would in the office. SideTrak provides an easy to set up dual screen workstation anywhere you go. SideTrak helps increase productivity by 24%, saving 8+ hours a week! 

    • Space: Many people don’t have a home office because they never believed they’d need to work from home. While setting up shop at home, they find that they have limited space from which to work from. By attaching to their laptop, SideTrak doesn’t require taking up additional real estate within the home and it provides them with the second monitor they need to maintain productivity.

    • Portability: Many people want to work from different areas of their home. They may have a small desk they can set up at, or a dining area, a couch in a living room, or a comfortable bed. No matter where they want to work from when they’re at home, SideTrak can go with them because it’s attached to their laptop and doesn’t need a secondary power source. It’s totally portable, unlike a desk monitor.

 Save time by having a second screen

Be 24% more productive with a portable monitor for your laptop

Your new workstation

SideTrak is the answer to a major technology need for the individual that finds themselves in a new working environment. It helps you stay productive while acclimating yourself to a new era of work from home.

Get your SideTrak today and learn about how SideTrak can be exactly what you need to succeed during this challenging work environment transition.

Contact our all-star customer service with any questions or for more information on how we can help your team at or at 240-580-8725.



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