Benefits of Using a Dual Monitor

Office workers, students, and "digital nomads" are always looking for the next best thing to increase productivity. While apps and cool gadgets certainly do help, the simplest solution is inexpensive, requires no tedious installation, and can be of use to workers in all industries. Double your efficiency just by doubling your screens!

An End to the Tab Wars

Anyone who's tried to compile data or write a research paper without a second screen knows how frustrating multiple tabs can be. You're spending valuable time meticulously checking your work to make sure you didn't forget that number or that exact quote while migrating between tabs. Simply put: trying to memorize information and clicking back and forth slows you down.

Save 8+ Hours of Work EVERY Week

Seriously. Using just one screen is more taxing than you may realize. Think about everything you could get done just by adding a second screen to your setup. 

Work on One Screen, Reference on the Other

Whether you're more creative or analytical, most careers require you to see double. For example, a graphic designer needs two screens to simultaneously work on a website banner while also referencing a style sheet or color palette to make sure they're on the right track. By contrast, an accountant needs to analyze this month's numbers while being able to glance over and compare to this time last year. Those are just two very specific examples, but I'm sure you can think of at least one of your daily tasks that would benefit from two screens. 

The Big Takeaway

Regardless if you work in an office, at home, or on campus, your day could seriously improve just by using a second screen. According to research done by the Jon Peddie Research Group, using a second screen makes students and workers 42% more productive on average.

If you're more of a visual person:

SideTrak Portable Monitor Infographic | Benefits of Using a Second Monitor

I know you may be thinking, "That's nice and all, but I use a laptop" or "I'm not going to lug a second screen to the library, airport, coffee shop, or other place I need to be." We hear you. And we have a solution.


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