Man in state of flow working on two screens. Solo freestanding touchscreen monitor is the second screen

How to Achieve State of Flow

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Young woman working and taking notes using her SideTrak Portable Monitor

Time Management Tips & Strategies

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  • Woman sitting on her couch by the fireplace while using her SideTrak Swivel portable monitor in silver on her laptop

    Holiday Gift Guide

    December 09 2020

    If there is one thing 2020 can’t cancel it’s the happiest season of all, the holiday season!  We have all had to do some major adjustments in our life, especially getting used to being stuck at home all day and making it our new office. Because of that adjustment we’ve found ourselves needed things to help build our home office.   This list showcases the perfect gifts to not only build...

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  • Man working on his laptop with SideTrak Slide attached to help him increase productivity

    How to Be Productive

    November 17 2020

    How to Be Productive Some days I want a productivity award just for making it in and out of the shower emotionally intact. 2020 has presented numerous new challenges that have us all re-evaluating and improving our productivity strategies, but one thing is clear: maintaining our sense of wellness and mastering productivity are the keys to a low stress life....

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  • Guy working on a couch and using his SideTrak Swivel attachable portable monitor to stay productive

    Introducing SideTrak Swivel, a New and Improved Attachable Portable Monitor for Your Laptop

    October 20 2020

    If you have found yourself working from different places in your home or commuting back and forth from office to home, then you know how important it is to have a portable workspace that you can easily take from one place to the next without having to sacrifice productivity by only working on one screen. To solve for this problem, we...

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  • Best app to use while working from home on SideTrak monitor for laptop

    Best Apps to Use While Working-From-Home

    April 20 2020

    Best Apps to Use While Working-From-Home The coronavirus pandemic has swept the world in the blink of an eye. It has presented us with new challenges and forced many companies to jump on the work from home movement. Amid the chaos, remote work and staying at home all day can be an unusual challenge. Working in a place filled with...

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