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    SideTrak Attachable Portable Monitor For Your Laptop

SideTrak Portable Monitor Tech Specs

The SideTrak ultra-portable 12.5" FHD IPS monitor for your laptop that  will allow you to easily work anywhere! Its durable material is made to withstand wear and tear that comes with taking your SideTrak everywhere!

- Compatible with Mac, Windows, Chrome, and Linux Operating Systems

- Powered by built-in DisplayLink technology (free download required)

- Compatible with most 13” – 17.5” Mac, Windows, or Chrome laptops

- Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Brightness: 300 cd/m | Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Power Consumption: 4.5W 

- Connection Type: USB-C to USB-C or USB-A

Your laptop should be at least 11.25" x 8.5"

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Benefits of Working From Home With SideTrak

Dual Screen Setup That Doesn't Require A Table

Easily work from anywhere in your home, you are not limited to working on a desk. With SideTrak's strong magnets and stable hold, you can set up your workstation anywhere and easily move from room to room!

Multitask with Ease

Stop the frustration of going back and forth between tabs and easily transform your workstation into a dual-screen setup. SideTrak portable monitor helps increase productivity and efficiency!

More Organized Workspace

Increase your screen real estate while not taking up any desk space. Keep your workspace organized and decluttered for a better and more productive work day.

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