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  • The Ultimate Work From Home Solution

    SideTrak Swivel is an ultra-portable monitor that securely attaches to the back of your laptop to combine the productivity of working on two screens with the portability of a laptop.


Save 8+ Hours Each Week

Adding a second screen to your workspace increases productivity by 20-30% and can save you 8+ hours each week!

• End the frustration of going back and forth between tabs

• Take notes or reference documents during video conferences

• Compare documents side by side

Work Anywhere with Two Screens

These ultra-portable and durable monitors allow you to work anywhere with the productivity of two screens!

• Weighing between 1-2lbs with a profile of less than 1", these monitors conveniently fit into most bags.

• SideTrak Slide & SideTrak Swivel attach to the back of your laptop so you can easily work anywhere, even a couch!

Deliver Engaging Presentations

These portable monitors allow you to mirror your screen and share content with an audience.

SideTrak Slide & SideTrak Swivel's innovative 270° screen rotation capabilities make this easier than ever for impressive presentations, demos, and more!

You Asked, We Delivered... Introducing SideTrak Swivel!

The SideTrak Swivel Portable Monitor has the ultra-portability of the SideTrak Slide with these exciting new features!


➤ No download required

➤ Screen Rotates 270° & Swivels 360°

➤ Screen Auto-Rotation

➤ Built-in Kickstand

➤ Adjustable Brightness

➤ Fits All Laptop Sizes


This new technology is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who works from home or on-the-go

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