Introducing SideTrak Swivel, a New and Improved Attachable Portable Monitor for Your Laptop

If you have found yourself working from different places in your home or commuting back and forth from office to home, then you know how important it is to have a portable workspace that you can easily take from one place to the next without having to sacrifice productivity by only working on one screen.

To solve for this problem, we create the first ever truly portable attachable monitor, SideTrak Slide. Over the past year, you have given us feedback on what you would like to see and features that help make this product the best it can be.

Today we are thrilled to announce our new and improved attachable portable monitor, SideTrak Swivel!  


      New and Improved Portable Monitor, SideTrak Swivel


You Asked, We Delivered   

SideTrak Swivel has a sleeker design and now attaches with a single metal plate, offering a smaller footprint on the back of your laptop, allowing you to attach a third monitor and have a triple screen workstation. And because of the single metal plate, there are no restrictions on laptop size compatibility. It even has a kickstand to help support its weight on ultra-light laptops.  


Woman working from her couch with her new SideTrak Swivel dual-screen monitor


SideTrak Swivel requires no download and is compatible with most devices and operating systems. Just attach, plug in, and you’re all set with a dual-screen workstation.

With SideTrak Swivel’s revolutionary hinge you can rotate and swivel your screen in any direction (horizontally or vertically). Easily adjust the screen’s angle to your viewing preference. Your screen will even auto rotate when you flip it around to share your screen with your peers across from you. 


SideTrak Swivel offers a dual-screen work setup anywhere you go.


Additionally, you can adjust the brightness and a kickstand pops off the mounting frame to support your laptop hinge or take it off the laptop and use it as a freestanding monitor as well!  

 SideTrak Swivel's kickstand to support the weight on lighter laptops


Working on two screens can help you end the frustration of going back and forth between tabs, help you take notes or reference documents during video conferences, and help you compare documents side by side. It helps increase productivity by 20-30% and saves you 8+ hours a week!  

SideTrak Swivel was designed for you. Effortlessly work with a dual screen setup when moving from place to place or use as a freestanding monitor for video games or as an extra screen to use for your kids. No matter how you use it, SideTrak Swivel will help you have a better workday!  




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