Dual monitor setup for laptops

Dual Monitor Setup

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Difference of using one screen vs two screens when working

Comparison Between Having One Monitor vs. Two Monitors

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  • Benefits of using a dual monitor for your laptop

    Benefits of Using a Dual Monitor

    February 14 2019

    Office workers, students, and "digital nomads" are always looking for the next best thing to increase productivity. While apps and cool gadgets certainly do help, the simplest solution is inexpensive, requires no tedious installation, and can be of use to workers in all industries. Double your efficiency just by doubling your screens! Benefits of Using a Dual Monitor An End to the Tab...

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  • Woman working - SideTrak | Best productivity apps

    6 Productivity Apps to Download Right Now

    February 05 2019

    6 Productivity Apps to Download Right Now I'll be honest, I can't imagine a world without apps. Having a smartphone and laptop isn't enough: I need software that will streamline my day and make my devices as useful as possible. Here's 6 that you need to be using if you want to have a better workday. 1. Magnet by CrowdCafé...

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  • Simple Morning Hack to Boost Productivity

    Simple Morning Hack to Boost Productivity

    January 30 2019

    Simple Morning Hack to Boost Productivity Despite best efforts, mornings can be difficult. Unless you're one of those lucky people who just naturally loves to be up early, those first waking moments are a losing battle. It seems that no matter how many alarms you set and notes you write, you end up forgetting something important or dropping the ball. You...

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  • Using the Seinfeld Method

    Using the Seinfeld Method

    January 23 2019

    USING THE SEINFELD METHOD In search of finding ways to be productive, the Seinfeld Method is a great productivity tool that can help you stop procrastinating. This productivity model works best for completing daily tasks and forming sustainable habits. You can use this at work or in your personal life! We will go over what the Seinfeld Method is, how...

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