SideTrak Portable Monitor - Presale starts APRIL 29nd

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Your laptop's new sidekick - SideTrak Portable Monitor

This super lightweight and ultra slim attachable portable monitor for laptop is great for working remote, conferences, meetings, or wherever else you could benefit from dual screens! Adding an extra screen makes working on your computer that much easier - so why not use a portable computer monitor for your laptop while you travel?

This portable monitor super lightweight and sleek, with features specifically designed to make it easy to carry.  

ATTACH TO YOUR LAPTOP: So easy to use, just attach to the back of your laptop, slide out the SideTrak and enjoy your productive work day!

PORTABLE MONITOR: It is the USB-C powered monitor you’ve always wanted! A perfect portable monitor for laptop with slim design enables comfort, swift mobility, and won’t weigh down your briefcase or backpack!

ADD AN EXTRA SCREEN: Why work on one monitor when you can work on two? Dual screens give you the ability to populate a spreadsheet while also checking your email and browsing the web.

USB POWERED MONITOR: No need to search for power outlets! The SideTrak screen is powered by your laptop's USB-C port! Just take it out, plug it into your laptop, and you’re ready to get double the work done!

SIMPLE SETUP: SideTrak is compatible with a wide range of laptops including the newer MacBook models. Get your portable monitor ready in seconds!

LARGE DISPLAY: Most laptop screens are small on their own. Add on this extra USB powered monitor monitor and gain an additional 12.5-inch screen so you can multi-task!