2 Sets of Metal Plates (8 Plates Total)



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2 Sets of Metal Plates (8 Plates Total)


  • Product Description

      Compatible with SideTrak Portable Monitor Only

      Misplaced your metal plates? No worries, this 8 pack of metal plates will allow you to continue using your favorite portable monitor with ease! 

      A set of 8 metal plates is already included in your box when you purchase a SideTrak, however, if you want to use your SideTrak on multiple devices this set of metal plates will allow you to attach your SideTrak to two additional devices.

      SECURE ATTACHMENT >> These metal plates use 3m adhesive and strong metal squares to hold the SideTrak securely to your laptop. 

      DEVICE SAFE >> Device-safe metal plates are not magnetized and will not interfere with your laptop screen or data. 

      SEMI-PERMANENT >> The metal plates can be removed easily if needed with the remover tool that is included in your box.

      SideTrak Portable Monitor

      EASY PORTABILITY >> SideTrak stays attached to your laptop with device safe metal plates. It clips onto the back of your laptop for easy set-up and take-down no matter where you are! Whether on the road, in the office, or watching Netflix AND doing that last-minute paper from the comfort of home – SideTrak gives you more space!