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41 Problem-Solving Products

"The magnetic pull is strong enough for you to take your laptop from room to room without undoing your setup, but also easy enough to remove that you can tuck everything into a backpack quickly when you're on the move."

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The best must-have accessories for your new laptop

"This portable monitor extends your desktop with a 12.5-inch IPS panel that slides on rails form the top of the laptop lid."

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50 Products That Will Dramatically Improve your Life in 2021

"If you miss having that double monitor you left back at the office, you need a SideTrak."

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Up your work-from-home game with these essential products

"This clever product connects to the back of your laptop and allows you to have dual screens."

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The 2020 Esquire Gadget Awards

"My job often requires two monitors, mostly for balancing animation with other photo editors, but also for when I'm working on long-ass articles like this one and want to watch 30 Rock while I write"

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Mini Gifts: What To Get For Your Colleagues...

"This just might be the perfect gift for your working-from-home employees."

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36 luxury gifts for men

"If they're still working from home and want to have access to an extra screen while they're in a remote office, consider buying them this extra convenient portable monitor"

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Coolest Pieces of Gear

"This thing is so handy in so many ways. And the best part? No hauling around your desktop monitor from place to place. Genius, if you ask me."

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Staying at Home Gear Guide Vol 3

"The engineering team at SideTrak has created the ultimate solution for your laptop jockeys, and it's something that will increase your sanity and your efficiency as well."

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36 Products To Make Working From Home More Comfortable

"A portable dual monitor for your laptop so you can tackle your to-do list with thaaaaat much more monitor space to breathe..."

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Top 4 Portable Sliding Monitors for Laptops

"The highlight of the SideTrak Swivel Portable Monitor is (you guessed it right) its flexibility. This little 12.5-inch is ultra-flexible and allows for 360-degree rotation."

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SideTrak Slide Portable USB Monitor Review

"I'm a big fan of having multiple monitors attached to my laptop and desktop and I utilize them as an integral part of my workflow process."

Defeat Mombrain with These 7 Top Tech Devices

"If working smarter, not harder, is on your wish list, it may be worth your while to invest in a SideTrak Monitor..."

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26 Hubby or Boyfriend Valentine's Day Gifts

"Totally portable with no need to set up at a desk or table, enjoy working with dual screens from anywhere..."

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Empower your team

"The SideTrak portable laptop monitor allows team members to work from home, coffee, shops, meetings, and busness trips more efficiently."

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Top Luxury Gifts for Valentine's Day 2021

"Show your diligent, "work from home" Valentine some love with an additional computer monitor from SideTrak."

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10 great holiday gifts MacBook users will love

"The master multi-tasker in your life can stick this on the back of their laptop display via magnets, and slide it out to the side whenever they need a secondary display."

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Holiday Gift Guide

"If your laptop isn't multitasking, you totally need SideTrak. Seriously, how did we manage to survive without this staggeringly awesome portable monitor..."

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12 Classy Contemporary Gifts...

"This SideTrak Portable Monitor will make for a wonderful surprise under the Christmas tree."

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The 10 Best Portable Monitors

"SideTrak Portable Monitor is one of the more energy-efficient monitors on the market."

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22 Best Christmas Gifts of Amazon This Year

"No more tabbing through a row of tabs and getting lost in the chaos of which tab or browser you need to reference. You can have your notes on one screen and your video conferencing call on the other"

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4 Reasons To Get a SideTrak Portable Monitor

"I wanted to be able to pick up and go and still keep my productivity up. I've been trying out the SideTrak portable monitor and don't know how I ever worked without it/"

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12 Innovative Gifts For Tech Titans

"The only portable monitor that doesn't require a table, SideTrak effectively doubles your laptop screen, and allows you to mirror your screen for more engaging presentations to share with an audience"

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SideTrak Slide Portable Monitor - Double Up

"A growing segment of the consumer technology market is portable monitors, which is a convenient way to double your screen size wherever you sit."

The Ultimate 2020 Gift Guide

"Instantly double the size of your screen with SideTrak's portable monitor for your laptop. This gift is especially ideal for anyone who is working from home!"

41 Best Tech Gifts of 2020

"If they're still working from home and you're willing to splurge a bit, this portable monitor made by SideTrak will make all the difference in their home office."

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Best Portable Monitors of 2020

"The cleverly designed SideTrak Portable Monitor can stay attached to your laptop, even while traveling."

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SideTrak Portable Monitor

"The SideTrak portable monitor attaches to your laptop and lets you take your work on the go. It is durable and has a great resolution."

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10 Holiday Gifts for Busy Executives

10 Holiday gifts for busy executives

"Laptops provide convenience, but when trying to view multiple documents, that small screen has limitations. This SideTrak attachable portable monitor can provide busy executives with an extra screen."

-Terri Williams

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23 Christmas Gift Ideas Your Boyfriend Will Love

23 Christmas Gift Ideas Your Boyfriend Will Love

"This portable monitor can be taken with you wherever you go and attaches easily to your laptop screen." -Daily Mom

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50 Gadgets and Gizmos for All of Your Tech-Obsessed Loved Ones

"Busy bees will appreciate this attachable portable dual screen that works with your laptop." -Kit Stone

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Products to Boost Your Productivity in 2020

"One screen does not cut it for accountants who are used to using multiple. This product is the portable solution you need to take your multi-screen convenience anywhere."

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Introducing SideTrak™

"The travel-friendly and innovative SideTrak by Stand Steady has the potential to change the way students, professionals and telecommuters work on the go, especially as the system allows for screen sharing with its ability to rotate a complete 180 degrees." - PR Newswire

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Introducing SideTrak(TM): An Innovative, Portable, and Attachable Dual-Screen for Your Laptop

"This attachable second screen will redefine the way busy, on-the-go executives, telecommuters, salespeople, and students work." - Stockhouse

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Stand Steady launches attachable monitor converting laptops to dual-screen PCs

"Those accustomed to working on dual-screen desktops can now do so out of the office or on the go!" - The Star Online

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11 Travel Kit Business Professionals Always Keep on Them

11 Travel Kit Business Professionals Always Keep On Them

"SideTrak portable laptop monitor is the perfect productivity solution for everyone working on the go!" -Lifney

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Best MacBook Pro Accessories

Best MacBook Pro Accessories

"If you've got anything like this writer's daily workload, this monitor will save you a lot of time and make your work flow more efficient." -techradar

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Fox Holiday Show

Fox Holiday Gift Guide

"Simply plug it into your laptop and you're ready to rock double the screen space!"

-Steve Noviello

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23 Gifts Any Boss Babe Would Love

23 Gifts Any Boss Babe Would Love

"With SideTrak you can increase productivity by 24% and save 4+ hours a week!"

-Christine Nicholson

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SideTrak Portable Dual Screen Monitor

"If you own a laptop you're going to want to see this SideTrak Portable Dual Screen Monitor! It's the perfect solution for adding extra real estate to your screen."

- Sassy Townhouse Living

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July 2019

SideTrak On Let's Talk Live - ABC News

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July 2019

"Studies show that having multiple monitors can save 2.5 hours every week with increased productivity" - Yahoo Finance

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July 2019

"This breakthrough product is perfect for traveling" - Business Insider

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July 2019

This is a game-changer!" - TrendHunter