Our Story

SideTrak portable laptop monitor team


In 2017, Stand Steady started SideTrak®.
Stand Steady is a leading innovator of standing desks and other ergonomic office products. Since 2013, Stand Steady has won numerous awards while earning accolades from Amazon, The Washington Post, Bloomberg Business, and MORE!


SideTrak begins...
One day, while working remotely, we had a revolutionary thought: What if you could combine the portability of a laptop with the productivity of working on two screens?


So, we started brainstorming ways to make it happen.
We took parts from an old jewelry box and some manila folders to create the first ever prototype for a revolutionary second monitor for your laptop that would eventually become the SideTrak portable monitor.


After our initial prototype
We knew what we needed to accomplish, SideTrak needed to be easy to carry, lightweight, and should have just one cord. With these non-negotiables in mind, we worked for 2 years with 2 engineering teams to make sure we could provide the best possible functionality and quality for YOU.


Get SideTrak'd with us 
SideTrak offer a 90-day risk-free policy! We work with you to make sure we provide the right workday solution that fits your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Trust the company that works with you!



Hear From Our Founder

"At Stand Steady our mission is to bring joy to people at work. We invented the SideTrak to bring you the benefits of a second screen when not at your desk and to enable presentations when sitting across from someone. Almost everyone I’ve shown this to during our two years of development has said “Oh, I need one!”. Yup, we all need one, even my 13 year old who wants to able to game AND watch YouTube videos at the same time."

Day Martin, Founder of Stand Steady & SideTrak


Day Martin, Founder of SideTrak