General Troubleshooting

SideTrak won't turn on and/or load

Here are a few things to double check:

  • Make sure your laptop is turned on and open.
  • Make sure your computer's operating system is up-to-date, especially Mac OS.
  • Ensure you have downloaded the most recent version of DisplayLink driver:
  • SideTrak may not be compatible with some docking stations, plug SideTrak directly into your computer
  • Make sure both ends of your cord are plugged in securely. Try wiggling the connection between the USB-C cord and USB-A adapter.
  • Leave SideTrak plugged in for a full 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Test ALL USB ports on your laptop. Some ports have more power than others. SideTrak may not power on all of your laptops USB ports, but it will work on at least one.
  • Test SideTrak on another laptop, as your laptop may simply be incompatible.

Screen is flickering, frozen, or won't turn on

Make sure both ends of your SideTrak cord are plug in all the way to your laptop and to the SideTrak. Try wiggling the connection between the USB-C cord and USB-A adapter.

Screen doesn't slide out all the way 

  • Pull bezel ONLY, do not grab onto mounting or sliding frame.
  • Make sure you're pulling in the correct direction. Look at the arrows and pull in the direction that the arrows point.
  • The sliding tracks are tighter when you first start using them. If you are pulling from the correct spot and in the right direction, just pull a little harder and it will loosen over time. 

SideTrak feels loose

If your SideTrak feels loose, try to pull the monitor to the end of the dual sliding tracks until you hear it click into place.

SideTrak won't clip on metal plates

  • Line up SideTrak with the top of the magnetic plates, "hooking" the SideTrak's mounting frame to the top of the magnetic plates. Magnets should attach, allowing you to firmly attach SideTrak - You should feel SideTrak click onto the magnets. Please watch our video to see!



  • If your SideTrak is mounted near beveled edges and doesn't stay attached, remove the plates and reattached the SideTrak away from beveled edges. Directions on removing the plates and reattaching are below.
  • If this doesn't work, check to make sure that the magnetic plates lined up with where the magnets are in the mounting frame of the SideTrak. If they are misaligned, check out the next section!
  • If your plates still don't work and you need more - just contact us for free extra set!

I accidentally put the metal plates in the wrong place

Use the removal tool that was included in your box to remove the adhesive from laptop surface. Then use spare set of magnetic plates provided to reattach magnetic plates in correct location. Please watch video below to see how to remove and then reattach your extra set of magnetic plates that were provided in your SideTrak box. If you need another set of magnetic plates, you can purchase them here.

Removing Metal Plates from Your Laptop

Loading Extra Set of Metal Plates into Your SideTrak Mounting Frame