Frequently Asked Questions


The SideTrak™ portable monitor is a revolutionary attachable second screen that can be taken on the go! No need for an outlet or a big flat surface. The SideTrak easily transports anywhere you'd take your laptop.

The SideTrak is lighter, sturdier, and more adaptable to on-the-go use than the competition with secure, device-safe magnets that fully support your second screen and hold it firmly in place. Unlike the SideTrak, the DUEX Pro has to be placed against a table top because the magnets alone cannot support the monitor. Another key difference between SideTrak and its competition is that our product is designed with dual sliding tracks to easily fit a wide array laptop sizes, while the DUEX Pro features a single, non-adjustable track. In addition to our 90 day risk-free policy and year-long warranty, we offer unparalleled customer service so we can help you love your SideTrak every step of the way

Yes! SideTrak is designed to slide out to the right but can be flipped to slide out to the left. Simply attach onto your laptop with the SideTrak logo facing away from your laptop hinge. For an easy way to determine which way your SideTrak will slide, just look at the arrows!

Note: If attaching SideTrak upside down to slide out to the left, you will need to manually flip your screen. 
On a Mac: Launch system preferences, hold down command+option keys WHILE clicking on the "Display" icon. Look for newly visible "Rotation" drop down menu on the SideTrak monitor and select 180°.
On Windows: Right click to select "Display settings" from dialogue box. Select "Landscape (flipped)" from orientation options. Note: On some PC operating systems you may be able to use shortcut: CTRL + ALT + arrow keys.

Yes! Just pull the SideTrak out past the sliding frame stabilizing bar, then flip all the way back and make sure it clicks into place. Once you've flipped the screen around, you can adjust the sliding frame as desired.

To use SideTrak with your laptop, metal plates will need to remain on laptop's surface. A laptop case, skin, or cover is compatible with the SideTrak, and will also avoid sticking plates directly onto the laptop itself. To permanently remove metal plates, use included removal tool.

Yes. SideTrak uses device-safe metal plates that will not interfere with screens or data.

The metal plates are removable but not reusable. We provide two sets of four plates with the SideTrak, but additional can be purchased if required. 

For Windows Laptop:

1. Open Settings

2. Click System

3. Click Display

4. Select “Extend these displays” to extend your screen and “Duplicate these displays” to mirror them

For Mac Laptop:

1. Plug in your SideTrak

2. Open System Preferences

3. Click Displays

4. Click Arrangement

5. Check or uncheck mirror displays

This version of SideTrak is designed to only be used one to one (one laptop/one SideTrak). We are working on developing a two screened SideTrak and the best way to keep up to date on all our new launches and information about SideTrak would be to sign up for our email marketing! 

SideTrak monitor screen orientation is limited by the Display settings of your computer. However, some customers have reported using a third-party tool called Display Rotation Menu to gain additional screen orientation options.


SideTrak will work as a second monitor for PC, Mac, and Chromebook laptops. SideTrak's DisplayLink technology are supported on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, macOS, Android, Chrome OS and Ubuntu GNU/Linux. If you would like to check your systems compatibility, click HERE.

Note: SideTrak may partial pop off when sliding closed on 13 inch laptop with strong beveled edges. Attach away from beveled edges and/or slide slowly to prevent.

Unfortunately SideTrak does not work with a Surface or tablet as it needs a laptop with a flat back to support it. 

The SideTrak portable monitor is a second screen designed for use with a laptop. It will not work with smartphones.


Yes, please reach out to for wholesale or third party dealer inquiries.

We're so excited you want to outfit your office with the SideTrak portable monitor! Check out our corporate sales program HERE!

You can easily purchase additional metal plates for your SideTrak HERE and replacement cords HERE.

Need a cord right now? SideTrak is compatible with most SPECS cords which can be purchased at your local electronic store. 

Tech Specs

Because of its revolutionary extra-long dual gliding tracks, the SideTrak will work with laptops up to 17" widescreen!

SideTrak works with popular laptop models, including Mac, PC, and Chromebook operating systems. However, it is not compatible with any Surface laptop that has a kickstand.

Note: SideTrak requires a free DisplayLink download. For corporate laptops, we recommend that you check with your IT department to confirm you can download the correct software.

The SideTrak weighs 1.65 lbs, making it super lightweight and sleek!

Refresh Rate: 50/60 Hz 
Response Time: 30 ms
Brightness/Luminescence: 300 cd/m 
PPI: 176
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 
Contrast Ratio: 800 
Color Depth: RBG 6-bit+Hi-FRC color depth
Power Consumption: 4.5W 
Panel Type: IPS 
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 
Connection Type: USB-C and USB-A (through adaptor)

The brightness on your SideTrak monitor can't be adjusted. However, some customers have reported using a third-party tool called ScreenBright to manually adjust the brightness.

For comprehensive information, check out our Tech Specs page HERE!


Shipping Options
• Standard 3-7 Day: FREE

Orders may take up to 24 hours for order processing and handling.

As soon as we've shipped your order, you'll receive an email from us confirming the details of your purchase and the shipping. We'll point you in the right direction of tracking the progress of your delivery too!

We'll email tracking details to you along with your shipping confirmation. If you're a registered customer you can also find these details by logging into your account.

SideTrak portable laptop monitors are currently only available in the Continential United States.

Returns & Warranty

With our risk-free 90-day money back guarantee, you may return any SideTrak product for any reason within 90 days of the date of purchase. Simply get in touch with us.

Your money will be refunded in full via the original form of payment within 2-3 business days upon return receipt of your SideTrak product.

Customers who have issues with a product should call or email us at and provide the following information:

Customer NameOrder Number

SideTrak offers a 1 year limited liabilty warranty - CLICK HERE to read the warranty


Anyone who's asking that has never used a second screen before. It's one of those "when you know, you know" things, y'know? But beyond that, using a second screen helps to organize information, data, and reference material. Switching between tabs cuts into precious time and diminishes productivity. Simply put: You can get more done in less time with a second screen.

It's called the SideTrak because this portable second screen is easily mounted to the side of your laptop screen! This portable monitor enhances productivity, keeping you on trak! Put 'em together, and you've got...well, you've got an ironic product name really. We thought it was a funny conversation starter, and so did you. Y'know, since you asked.