2 Sets of Metal Plates (8 Plates Total)


  • Product Description

      Compatible with SideTrak Portable Monitor

      Whether you misplaced your metal plates or have multiple laptops for your new SideTrak, this 8 pack of metal plates will allow you to continue using your favorite portable monitor with ease! These metal plates use 3m adhesive and strong metal squares to hold the SideTrak securely to your laptop. 

      2 sets of metal plates are included in your box when you purchase a SideTrak monitor.

      SideTrak Portable Monitor

      EASY PORTABILITY >> SideTrak stays attached to your laptop with device safe metal plates. It clips onto the back of your laptop for easy set-up and take-down no matter where you are! Whether on the road, in the office, or watching Netflix AND doing that last-minute paper from the comfort of home – SideTrak gives you more space!