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March 06 2019

How SideTrak dual laptop screen is beneficial

How SideTrak dual laptop screen is beneficial

What an exciting week! On Friday, March 1st, we kicked off the month by announcing the SideTrak Portable Monitor to the world! A few people knew about this awesome product, but last week we took to social media and word of mouth to really show it off. 

With any new product launch, it can be nerve-wracking to reveal your efforts to the world. Will everyone like it? Will people understand how it works? We were hopeful going in to this launch, but wow, you guys blew us away.

It's so exciting when something you've been working hard on is received well. It's even better when peoples' reactions exceed even your greatest expectations. You all are just as excited about the SideTrak Portable Monitor as we are! To celebrate your positive feedback, we thought it'd be nice to give some shoutouts to friends, family, and fans who are excited to get their hands on a SideTrak of their own.

Fan Feedback

"I am so into this. Great idea!" -Megan U.

"WOW that's a great idea! I'm always frustrated when I'm out of the office and don't have my two big desktop screens." -Briana B.

"How cool is that?!" -Jane H.

"This would be perfect for when I work from home." -Victoria B.

"This would actually be fantastic for when I work remotely. Half the time I end up going into the office just because I miss my second monitor." -Alex G.

"Saw it on Facebook and was like 'OH MY GOD!!!!' And sent it to my boss." -Claire C.

"Okay, this SideTrak Monitor is pretty dope." -Caitlin B.

"Looks amazing!" -Aaron S.

"I want it. Also how has this not existed before?" -Christian E.

"This looks awesome!" -Maren L.

"This is AMAZING and will totally change working remotely. I want one!" -Kayley G.

"OMG, this will change my life. Just sent the link to the rest of my team!" -Kelly J.

Consider us totally blushing. There's nothing better than creating a product with the intention of helping others, and then receiving that kind of feedback. Thank you all so much for your kind words. We can't wait until you all get to try out this product for yourself.


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