Holiday Gift Guide

December 09 2020

Woman sitting on her couch by the fireplace while using her SideTrak Swivel portable monitor in silver on her laptop

Woman sitting on her couch by the fireplace while using her SideTrak Swivel portable monitor in silver on her laptop

If there is one thing 2020 can’t cancel it’s the happiest season of all, the holiday season

We have all had to do some major adjustments in our life, especially getting used to being stuck at home all day and making it our new office. Because of that adjustment we’ve found ourselves needed things to help build our home office.  

This list showcases the perfect gifts to not only build that home office but to also help increase productivity. You will automatically become the best gift-giver ever!   

SideTrak Slide Portable Monitor 

SideTrak Slide easily attaches to the back of your laptop providing an ultra-portable dual-screen workstation anywhere you go! You can comfortably work from your couch, bed, outdoors, or easily move from room to room. SideTrak provides more screen real estate without taking any desk space. It’s the perfect work from home solution!  

 SideTrak Slide Portable MonitorSideTrak Slide Portable Monitor 


Logitech Ergonomic Keyboard 

This ergonomic keyboard is designed for better posture, less strain, and more support. It is wireless, so you can declutter your workspace or move it between your desk and couch. It’s comfortable to use, responsive, and compact enough to carry in a bag. 


Sony Headphones 

These noise-canceling headphones can help block out background noises and help you stay focused, so you can hone-in on your work. Ergonomically redesigned and with Alexa voice control, these headphones will make listening even more personal. 

 Sony Headphones

 Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones 


Keurig K-Classic 

Coffee is a great way to start the day and even better when it can be made right at home. Every office has a coffee machine, so why shouldn’t your home have one too. Whether you drink one cup or four, this Keurig coffee maker will brew a perfect cup of coffee in under a minute with just the touch of a button. 

Keurig Coffee maker

Keurig K-Cup Classic Coffee Maker 


Ember Mug 

This smart mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature and keeps it there for up to 1.5 hours, so your coffee is never too hot, or too cold. You can now enjoy the perfect cup of coffee for even longer!  

Ember Mug

Ember Mug 


Stand Steady Standing desk 

Sitting down at work for hours can cause bodily pains, such as back and neck pain. This standing desk is designed for efficiency and comfort. Easily adjust the height from sitting to standing with the simple push of a buttonYou can better enjoy your workday with this desk! 

Stand Steady Tranzendesk Standing Desk 

Stand Steady Tranzendesk Desk 


Logitech Mouse   

This mouse has an ergonomic design to help limit the amount of wrist and hand fatigue. You can also customize the functions of its buttons and the speed of the scroll wheel. It’s an excellent mouse to have for a home office setup.  

Logitech Mouse

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S 


SideTrak Portable Wireless Battery 

You can charge your devices wirelessly with SideTrak portable battery, it has a built in 5W Qi pad that is compatible with many Apple, Samsung, and Nokia devices. It’s anti-slip desing helps keep your device from shifting for a better, quicker charge! 

SideTrak Portable Wireless Battery

SideTrak Portable Wireless Battery


Smart Notebook 

This notebook never runs out of space. You can easily keep track of all your notes, lists, plans, and ideas by saving it to a cloud service. Write to-do lists, dreams, and ideas and then erase and start the adventure again! 

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook 


Not only are these gifts stylish, but also useful. These are the gifts of innovation that your friends and family will absolutely love. They won’t be able to wait to get back to work and show off how productive they can be with these great tools.