Students in a classroom using SideTrak Swivel

Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

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  • Organized and clean desk space with SideTrak

    8 Ways to Improve Your Desk Setup

    March 31 2021

    Whether you’re working from the office, working from home, or a combination of both, your desk setup plays a big part in your ability to get your work done. The first step in any attempt at productivity has to be making your workspace work for you. A lot of people feel like they can’t make big changes because of the...

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  • Man in state of flow working on two screens. Solo freestanding touchscreen monitor is the second screen

    How to Achieve State of Flow

    February 25 2021

    When people refer to being “in the zone,” they are often talking about being in a state of flow. It means complete immersion in an activity. You are totally focused and deeply absorbed. You are beyond distraction. Your inner monologue chatter goes quiet. Physical feelings are obsolete. Time slows and work becomes enjoyable. You reach peak emotional well-being and also...

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  • Young woman working and taking notes using her SideTrak Portable Monitor

    Time Management Tips & Strategies

    January 28 2021

    The key to productivity, the big secret, is effective time management. Time management is the conscious structuring of your time to help you get more done. Structure is so important to helping our brains feel secure and productive, leading to a more efficient and happier version of ourselves. It can seem daunting, but the best part of our technology-driven world...

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  • Man working on his laptop with SideTrak Slide attached to help him increase productivity

    How to Be Productive

    November 17 2020

    Some days I want a productivity award just for making it in and out of the shower emotionally intact. 2020 has presented numerous new challenges that have us all re-evaluating and improving our productivity strategies, but one thing is clear: maintaining our sense of wellness and mastering productivity are the keys to a low stress life. Our mission at Sidetrak...

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