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Elevating the Learning Experience: Why Students Need a Second Screen for Hybrid Learning

One of the biggest challenges of hybrid learning is the lack of a proper workspace. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of using portable monitors as second screens to improve student learning.

Six Strategies for Successful Collaboration

Working collaboratively is a crucial step in achieving both individual and group success. However, if it were as easy as hanging up an inspirational poster, we’d all be masters of the art. 

Best In Tech Holiday Shopping Guide

Whether you’re scoping out the best presents for friends, family members, co-workers (or yourself!), SideTrak has the ultimate gift guide sure to impress the tech enthusiasts on your list this season. Check out our best-in-tech favorites of 2022.

Tech Specs 101: Refresh Rate vs. Response Time

Shopping for a new monitor, TV, or laptop and overwhelmed with all the tech specs to consider? In this edition of our Tech Specs 101 blog series, we’ll highlight refresh rate and response time and when they really make a difference.

How to Eliminate Email Overload

When it comes to wrangling your written messages, by using a few simple email management tools, taking the reins on your online correspondence has never been easier. 

10 Tips to Stop Procrastinating

Even when you know what you want to achieve, getting started is sometimes so overwhelming that you spend an embarrassing...

10 Items for Optimal Ergonomics and Productivity

The list of aches and pains caused by long hours working on a computer is extensive—eyestrain, neck and shoulder pain,...

How to Choose a Second Monitor

Not all portable monitors are created equal, so before deciding on a second screen, you’ll want to understand what qualities are most important to you and compatibility with your laptop. 

Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

An ever-increasing number of schools are issuing mobile devices to students so that they can connect to the internet and better access learning materials.

8 Ways to Improve Your Desk Setup

Whether you’re working from the office, working from home, or a combination of both, your desk setup plays a big...

How to Achieve State of Flow

There are incredible benefits to finding flow. Operating in a state of flow elevates your mood and confidence, increases engagement, improves performance, and helps maximize productivity.

Time Management Tips & Strategies

The key to productivity, the big secret, is effective time management. Time management is the conscious structuring of your time...